America’s Most Wanted Bully and Sneaker Show

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Here at HELLABULLYKENNELS we love contributing to the pit bull / American Bully community. The love we have for the breed combine with my amateur photography skills, we decided to sell photos that I take from Bully Shows and the profits will go to a non-profit pit bull / bully rescue here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Photos will be sold for $5 each. By the end of 2015, HELLABULLYKENNELS will match whatever we get in sells and donate it to the non-profit of our choice. So say we raise $200 from photo sells, HELLABULLYKENNELS will donate additional $200 making the donation total $400. 

All photos here were uploaded with low resolution and watermark. If photos were purchase, buyer will be sent a high resolution picture with no watermark. Payment will be made through Paypal

Email for additional information.

Thanks Enjoy


IMG_8382 IMG_8390 IMG_8403 IMG_8408 IMG_8412 IMG_8416 IMG_8430 IMG_8439 IMG_8444 IMG_8448 IMG_8451 IMG_8456 IMG_8462 IMG_8467 IMG_8472 IMG_8483 IMG_8493 IMG_8507 IMG_8551 IMG_8558 IMG_8561 IMG_8576 IMG_8590 IMG_8595 IMG_8599 IMG_8674